The photos below I took for The Planet Magazines Winter issue titled the Movement. 


Dr. Gene Myers, in his office located in the Environmental Studies Building at WWU.
Myers is a professor for Huxley College and teaches courses in the environmental education undergraduate program at WWU. Myers also teaches and advises students on the Master of Education in Environmental Education Programs. (Photo by Brodie Pirtle)


The Middle Fork Nooksack River Diversion Dam, located in Whatcom County, Washington, has been functional since 1962. As an act to open up the river for several species of fish, the dam is under removal, restoring salmon habitat. (Photo by Brodie Pirtle)


Stephen Day, the project engineer for the dam’s removal, wants to restore the habitat for the fish. Day says that the whole removal process started in 2002 and should be reaching its end this year. (Photo by Brodie Pirtle)

Below is a link to stories I wrote for the Western Front.